If the thought of involving a recruitment agency concerns you … working with a professional recruiter who precisely searches for your next employee by understanding you, your company and your specific requirements can be a pleasure.

Free up your time
Do you really have the time to review hundreds of applicants? A good recruiter will spend the time to review and consider all the applicants. then provide a shortlist of candidate who are most relevant. They can shorten the process for you by passing on crucial information prior to interview and answering any specific questions to fully support your decision process.

A good recruiter is connected
Good recruiters are connected people. They have dependable relationships and may use social media to broadcast their way to the perfect individual. Their networks span past candidates, Hiring Managers in other companies, relevant hang-outs, groups and societies.

A good recruiter is a marketer
A good recruiter knows where to advertise your vacancy. This can include select job boards, their own website, social media platforms and more.

Reap the benefits
There are plenty of bad apples in the recruiter barrel, but it is clear that good recruiters can add significant value to the hiring process. They are your channel to market, often reaching the parts that you may not. Now, if that’s not adding value to the hiring process, I don’t know what is?