We are all guilty about making judgements based on first impressions and this can have a detrimental influence on the success of recruitment.

The REC have named this pre judgement as “Halo or Horns” effect. Quite simply the “Halo Effect” can be understood as the tendency to make a decision based on a favourable preference, whilst the “Horns Effect” describes an adverse personal bias.

The Halo and Horns Effect is all about prejudice and assumption, pre judging and arriving at conclusions without considering the necessary facts and that’s when you are in danger of rejecting the right candidate based on the wrong judgement.

To ensure that you carry out an objective assessment the interviewer should;
• Prepare carefully for the interview
• Avoid making judgements prior to the interview
• Set clear objectives
• Gather evidence and stick to the facts
• Involve a colleague to see other opinions
• Use assessment tools
• Recognise the occurrence of Halo and Horn Effect